About Karnak

My mission is to educate the public in all things Basenji. I have been involved with Basenjis since 1992.  The search for a Basenji began in 1985 after discovering this fascinating breed of dog.  After eight years of research and carefully waiting until the time was right to bring a dog into the family, the first puppy girl made her mark on our hearts.  We named her  Karnak Alexandria after the historically significant area of which Basenjis originated and were found on the tombs of the pharaohs. I immediately began participating in American Kennel Club and other organized dog events.  Including our first puppy, Karnak Alexandria, I have breeder-owner handled over 25 dogs to their AKC conformation title and co-bred others that went on to receive their AKC title with their own families.

Much of my life has been devoted to the well-being and preservation of the breed.

Karen Hutchison, Karnak, reg.

AKC Breeder of Merit2006 Nationals Movement


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